Customer Service Policy
Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to customers who order products and services from Hong Kong Water Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, “Hong Kong Water”). The Customers acknowledges that additional terms and conditions of credit account or standing payment authorization and any signed agreement in force will apply and prevail over these Terms & Conditions to the extent of any inconsistency.

1. Customers must provide the Company their latest details to set up new accounts in order to obtain designated customer numbers and passwords for products and services ordering.

2. The Company may authorize the provision of products and services by any third-party supplier, including filtration systems, water filters dispensers, drinking fountains, water dispensers, and their accessories, or related maintenance, cleaning and disinfection services.

2.1. Customers agree to pay the required amount for installed products as well as used services and note there is no refund.

2.2. Customers agree that sold goods still belong to the Company before the payment is settled.

2.3. All product items loaned to Customers remain the absolute property of Hong Kong Water. In the event of loss or damage caused by misuse, fire, flood or theft whatsoever, Hong Kong Water reserves the right to retain the deposit and requests Customers to reimburse the balance of the total cost at the current market value as determined solely by Hong Kong Water.

2.4. If any dispute arises, Hong Kong Water shall have final discretion.

3. Order Revision and Cancellation

3.1. Order Revision: The Company will accept customer request for change to existing order instructions via hotline or email.

3.2. Cancellation: No order is allowed for cancellation after cut off deadline, and a delivery fee of HK $ 50 will be charged for any refusal of receipt.

3.3.The Company has the right to reject or cancel orders due to the availability of the relevant goods. Customers will be notified no later than the scheduled delivery day.

4.Product Service Charges and Payment Methods

4.1. Charges: The charges for goods and services depend on the delivery or service dates and location, subject to the price set by the Company or the contract price.

4.2. Printed Invoices: If Customers request printed invoices by post or fails to provide a valid email or fax number to receive the electronic bills, each account will be charged HK $ 20 per bill.
For inquiries about registering E-billing services and updating email or fax numbers, please call Finance Department at 2662 1184.

4.3. Payment method:

(1) Cash on delivery: Please prepare sufficient amount of Hong Kong dollars to our staff.

(2) Cheque: Payable to "Hong Kong Water Bottling", post-dated cheques are not acceptable.

(3) Credit accounts: Commercials customers can settle payments by Credit accounts. If the account status is credible, and has no overdue payments, payments can be settled monthly.

(4) Bank in: Please deposit into HSBC Bank Hong Kong Account 004-556-044-303-001 and state the customer number on the deposit slip then fax to Finance Department 2660 2777 (Credit account).

5. Delivery service and matters required attention

5.1.Delivery Scope: Free delivery service is only available for locations equipped with lifts, reachable by trucks and within 50 meters of their delivery distance, including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Delivery to outlying islands, remote or restricted areas is subject to Hong Kong Water’s decision and delivery charges will be applied.

5.2. Delivery Period: Depends on the customer's location and usually during Monday to Saturday (except Sundays and statutory holidays) from 9 am to 6 pm; special delivery arrangements is subject to negotiation (additional fees apply).

5.3. Receipt of goods: Customers should check the received goods on the spot. If customers do not report on any issues concerning the received goods within seven days from the date of receipt, the Company will perceive these goods as acceptable. Besides, customers agree to bear any risk of loss or damage upon delivery of the goods, including placing the goods in an unattended location per their requests.

5.4. Special delivery arrangement: Delivery service will be delayed or rescheduled during black rainstorm warning, typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted or in any unforeseen circumstances such as traffic congestion or traffic route diversions. The Company will then reschedule delivery on another day or during the next delivery period however, the Company will not be responsible for losses caused by delays in delivery.

6.Filter system maintenance and related provisions

6.1. On-site installation

6.1.1. Service charge for installation shall be quoted, of which basic installation service includes installing splitter on the water tap .

6.1.2. Technician will check the water pressure before installation. Charges for additional service parts upon special requests will be quoted separately.

6.1.3. Customers can provide actual photos to technician for assessments and arrange required service parts.

6.1.4. Technician will contact customers for the installation arrangement by phone one day in advance.

6.1.5. Please inform the Technician as soon as possible in case of forchange of installation date.

6.2. Customers shall observe the recommended usage instructions before operating filter system including but not limited to the following general conditions:

6.2.1. Ensure water source is safe and filtration system is operated in a suitable environment – installation on levelled and vertical position within 2°C – 38°C and stay away from stoves and any heat source.

6.2.2. Operate filtration system for 15 minutes until water is clear for first time usage, and 30 seconds when it is idle for more than 8 hours.

6.2.3. Do not filter hot water or use during water tank cleaning as it will cause damage to filter cartridges.

6.2.4. Do not disassemble filtration system for cleaning while surface cleaning with damp cloth and clean water is acceptable.

6.2.5. Replace cartridges on regular interval according to different cartridge types or when water flow becomes slow. Maximum lifetime is 12 months and average replacement is every 6-9 months, yet it may vary depending on water consumption and water source quality.

6.2.6. Hong Kong Water will not be liable for any system failure due to improper installation, usage and maintenance.


6.3.1. This warranty is valid for a year from the date of purchase. Please keep the original receipt for warranty service.

6.3.2. Products can be exchanged within 7 days if there is a quality issue , excluding vandalism and misuse of perspective products.

6.3.3. Warranty service only covers filter parts and splitter; any other parts added by customers and/or any damages caused by such parts shall be excluded.

6.3.4. Free repairs or replacements will be offered to customers for defective products during the warranty period. Customers should send the defective products to Hong Kong Water office or authorized distributors. Original receipts must be presented upon requests of service. Parts will be replaced by new ones upon inspections, yet customers should note that the warranty period begins from the date of purchase for a year.

6.3.5. The product condition should be the same as the date of purchase.

6.4. Warranty Exclusions

6.4.1. Normal product depreciation.

6.4.2. Once the cartridge is filled with water or being used.

6.4.3. Regular product inspection and cartridge replacement.

6.4.4. Any improper installation or maintenance and damage.

6.4.5.Product packaging and transportation fee.

6.5. Warranty Expiration

6.5.1. Loss of original invoices.

6.5.2. The filtration system is being installed close to stoves or any heated sources

6.5.3. The product usage is not within the product specifications and suggested conditions.

6.5.4.Improper installation and usage of filtration systems.

7.Water dispenser warranty and related provisions

7.1 Maintenance scope: Customers who purchase any plug-in water dispensers from Hong Kong Water can enjoy warranty of mechanical and electrical parts repair service for 12 months starting from the date of purchase.

7.2 Customers can join the Company's maintenance plans or sanitization programs after the warranty period.

7.3 The Company can suspend related warranty under the following circumstances and is not liable for any damages and claims .

7.3.1. Misuse or inappropriate placement of dispensers

7.3.2. Unauthorized retrofit or repair of dispensers ;

7.3.3. Damage caused by natural disasters, fire incident, or accidents.

7.3.4. Special circumstances: During the warranty period, if customers agree to accept solutions offered by the Company (including refund offered after service charge deduction) when dispenser parts are no longer available, the Company is not liable for any loss contributed to such circumstances and shall not be responsible to provide any replacement to compensate.

8. Customer Information and Communications

8.1. Customers agree to provide Hong Kong Water the latest information^ for the maintenance of registered accounts and Hong Kong Water shall rely upon the same information for the provision of services. Besides, customers also agree to the transfer and disclosure of information to third party service providers.

8.2. In the event that customers closed their accounts or if the accounts are no longer in use for a specified period, Hong Kong Water shall deactivate such accounts for safety reasons. All Customer information, including but not limited to contact history and transactions, will be retained for a maximum of 7 years and thereafter deleted accordingly. Please refer to our Privacy Policy Statement for details.

Hong Kong Water sends self-purchase reminders to customers via email, of which the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the encryption technology to protect data transmission has been applied amid message delivery. The Company may contact customers by various means, including via email, facsimile, phone calls voicemails, SMS messages, mails, and visits in person or posts on website and are effective upon delivery.

The Company may revise the Terms & Conditions from time to time by posting on the Company’s website

^We are committed to safeguard the privacy of individuals with respect to personal data. We therefore will make sure that our policies and practices in relation to the collection, usage, retention, transfer and access of personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) under the laws of Hong Kong.

These Terms and Conditions were last revised on 30 March 2020