CJ-8135 Touch Screen Filter Dispenser
Product Feature
Provided 3 temperature selection (room temperature**/4°C-12°C/95°C-98°C) and indicate 3 water temperature
Adjustable water yield (50ml - 950ml)
Automatic power cutoff (Water leakage on the platform, insufficient water or water temperature)
Special heating system to heat water gradually
Regular cleaning function for detachable water sink and automatic draining system *
Touch screen panel
Equipped with braille display and voice prompt, suitable for different demand
Suitable for different filter model
Continuous water output function
*Need to connect tubing
**Room temperature will change according to the ambiance temperature and using frequency
43cm (L) x 55cm (W) x 132cm(H)
Water Tank (Litres)
Hot:10L / Room:20L /Iced: 3L
Dissipated Power
Hot:1550W /Iced:150W
Power & Temperature
Hot: 15L/Hr 95°C-98°C
Cool: 10L/Hr 10°C-35°C
Cold: 10L/Hr 4°C-12°C
Power Supply
  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility
  • International Electrical Commission
Ordering Hotline 2662 1993