FP4S – Reverse Osmosis Filter System
Easy installation; push-on fittings
Built-in shut off valve replaces filters w/o turning off water line
Reduces Fluoride & Mercury at 95%  
After multi-filtered, pure water is ready to drink and no need to be boiled
Reduces Chlorine & Arsenic at 97%
  • Water must flow through a 4-Level of filters before entering a reservoir tank:
    • Sediment Filter – Elimination of dirt, sand, rust and other solid particles from the water
    • Pre-carbon filter – Elimination of heavy metal, pesticide residue, chlorine and odor melted into water and bad taste
    • Reverse Osmosis UF Membrane filter – Elimination any smaller particles (>0.0001) left
    • Pre-carbon filter – Elimination of chlorine and odor melted into water, bad taste, viruses and bacteria
  • Can be installed to water dispenser, coffee machine / hidden under kitchen sink

Flow Rate
1L per Min
400 Gallon per Day
Stage 1: Every 6 months
Stage 2: Every 6-12 months
Stage 3: Every 24-36 months
Stage 4: Every 12 months
Micron Rating
0.0001 micron
Operation Temperature
2℃ - 38℃
Operation Pressure
60 - 125psi
Filter from USA
Ordering Hotline 2662 3333